We at Exalt continuously strive to develop innovative manufacturing processes which enhance our products’ aesthetic, dependability in service and reduce emission of green house gases.

In line with our mission, Exalt is excited to share recent developments at our plant and test laboratory-

(1) Gravity die casting using electric resistance melting furnace with nitrogen degassing facility

Among conventional melting and holding methods, an electric resistance melting and holding furnace produces the least amount of emissions.
Traditionally, nitrogen degassing in molten aluminium is carried out by dissolving ‘tablets’ containing chlorine. This has proven to be hazardous to the environment and health of the operator. Nitrogen degassing in this type of furnace ensures safety to the operator and is safe for the environment.

(2) High pressure die casting of various connectors like bus post clamps, tee clamps, parallel groove clamps, spacers and terminal connectors

High pressure die casting is a process in which molten metal (aluminium) is injected with a die casting machine using force under considerable pressure, into a steel mould or die to form products. This process ensures superior surface finish, enhancing product aesthetics to a high degree. Moreover, it can achieve high rates of production.

(3) High current carrying power connectors rated for 4000 Amps are indigenously developed and type tested. These products have found a place in India’s prestigious project of 800 kV HVDC-Filter bay. Besides the high current applications found in Static Var Compensator project supplies, Exalt is proud to announce its participation in India’s Niche connector market of HVDC with an emphasis on dependable supply.

We look forward to your continued patronage in Exalt’s journey to excellence